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The Cork Flooring Company
The Cork Flooring Company

Cork Flooring Benefits

Naturally Sustainable Alternative

Cork can be harvested from the same tree for about two hundred years and every harvested cork tree fixates between 3 to 5 times more carbon. The harvesting is made with minimal impact on the environment and no trees are cut down to bring you this product.

Cork is the perfect environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable material.


Cork, as a natural product, warms and enriches any interior. With over 40 million natural "cushion cells" per cubic centimeter, cork is a natural sound and thermal insulator. Cork floors are beautifully quiet and comfortable underfoot, warm and pleasant to the touch.


Cork floors do not absorb dust and are resistant to bacteria and fungus. They do not cause allergies nor pose a risk to asthma sufferers. Adhesives and finishing products used in the manufacturing of cork floors are formaldehyde-free and Volatile Organic Compounds (VIC) emissions are not detectable.

Durability & Easy Maintenance

Advanced coating technology gives cork floorings a highly resistant and long-lasting protection even in high traffic environments.

Due to the special factory finish, cork flooring is not only durable but they require only minimal maintenance.